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Shirley is Writing for Huffington Post!

Shirley is now a regular contributor to the Huffington Post!  She bringing her vast knowledge of service, nonprofits, policy, and innovation to a larger audience.  Here are two of the latest installments:

“Could the School Science Fair Offer a Model to Repair our Democracy?”

As an antidote to the vitriol of the election, I have been imagining what our democracy could be if we baked civic skills into our K-12 curriculum — if every student learned tools and tactics for working together to solve problems big and small in their own communities. Might that mean we would one day have more informed voters, and maybe even more appealing candidates?

Read entire article about the power of service-learning.

“Summer in November — Can a Summer of Service Battle Summer Slide?

As the days get shorter and the last of the leaves fall, summer seems far away. But this week, hundreds of experts and educators are meeting in Indianapolis at the National Conference on Summer Learning to talk about what happens to too many kids over the summer — they slide backwards in their academic skills.

Read entire article.