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Weekly Round-Up of Featured Organizations: AA LEAD, Give an Hour, ManaTEENS, The Mission Continues

A weekly look at the accomplishments, rewards, partnerships, and news of some of the non-profits mentioned in The American Way to Change:

AA LEAD works to promote the well being of Asian American youth through education and community building.  Their staff provides after-school programs and one-on-one mentoring to provide a healthy and nurturing environment for young Asian Americans in the DC metro area.  Recently AA LEAD was honored by being one of 5 finalists for the Best Practice Award  at The Washington Post and The Center for Non-Profit Advancement‘s Annual Excellence in Nonprofit Management Award ceremony.  According to Rick Chen, Manager of Development, “Although we were not chosen to be the winner, it was the entire process that proved to be the most rewarding – being able to concretely identify and list the many best practices we are currently using, which has helped us become the successful organization we are today.”

Give an Hour‘s mission is to create a national network of volunteers that can respond to both emergencies and long-time problems that America faces.  Their current priority is to help the troops who are currently serving or have served in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as their families.  The non-profit is currently taking part in a a new coordinated approach to military care outlined by Michelle Obama in an address to the National Military Family Association’s summit.  Part of her plan calls for stronger civilian-military ties.  According to Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen, founder and President, Give an Hour is eager to heed this call to service.  “Our volunteer mental health professionals represent the civilian community.  By offering free counseling to members of the military and their loved ones and by working to educate communities on the psychological effects of war, we are recognizing the sacrifices our service men and women and their families are making.”

ManaTEENS promotes the youth voice and volunteerism in Manatee County, Florida.  They believe that all of Florida’s residents have the resources and the power to help address local needs.  They are working to make service a way of live, especially for the young.  Innovations in Civic Participation recently received a grant from The Corporation for National and Community ServiceLearn and Serve America Program.  ICP is going to work with three non-profits, one of which is ManaTEENS, to focus on environmental education and disaster preparedness.  Thanks to this partnership, teens in Florida will get the chance to help their community while learning more about how to care for and preserve the delicate environment of Manatee County.

The Mission Continues developed on the premise that many veterans returning from Iraq or Afghanistan still don’t feel like their work is done.  The returning wounded should be honored for their sacrifices, but we should also recognize that they still have a lot left to give.  According to one wounded veteran, “I lost my legs. That’s all. I did not lose my desire to serve, or my pride in being an American.”  Recently The Mission Continues has expanded into San Antonio, Texas where they opened a new office just last week.  According to their website, “With the nearby Brooke Army Medical Center caring for wounded warriors in transition, we have a great opportunity and responsibility to work with these veterans.”

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